Sedona is Magical 

Sedona is magical. Yes, I said it and I believe it. In general, I’ve always been a little bit skeptical, but I am now a full believer in Sedona’s magical powers. Sedona has long been regarded as both a powerful and sacred place. At the root of these powers are Sedona’s Vortexes. They are spots where supposedly the earth’s energy is increased and people come from all over the world to sit, pray, meditate and focus on self-awareness. Even if you don’t believe in the magic the vivid colors of the red/orange rocks are beautiful and soothing to soak in. 

Sedona is magical: The magical red rocks of Sedona.

Roadtrip to Sedona

Tanya, Kiana, and I spent the night in Williams, Arizona, and then the morning at Bearizona watching the bears and wolves. When we were done exploring Bearizona we drove to Sedona and did a little shopping and had lunch. After lunch, we drove out to Boynton Canyon.

Sedona’s Magical Vortex

There are 4 different vortex sites in Sedona. Some contain female energy and others contain masculine energy. We chose to visit  Boynton Canyon Vortex because it’s less crowded and easier to find a parking spot. It is supposed to be balanced energy-containing both female and masculine. This vortex is between the rock formation named Kachina Woman which contains the female energy and an unnamed knoll that contains masculine energy.   

Sedona is Magical: The Boynton Vortex is in the distance.

Boynton Canyon Vortex

Boynton Canyon Trailhead is about 8 miles outside of downtown Sedona. From 89A turn on Dry Creek Road and then turn right on Boynton Pass Road. The parking lot is about ¼ mile down the road if you make it to the Enchanted Rose Resort you have gone too far. The parking lot was full when we arrived so we parked off the pavement on Dry Creek Road and walked the ¼ mile back to the start of the trail. If you park in the parking lot you need a parking pass. Visit Red Rock Program Pass online to get the details for trail parking in Sedona. At the trailhead, there is a vault toilet and a map. From the parking lot, you can either hike the Boynton Canyon Trail which is about 7 miles, or the Boynton Vista Trail which is 1 mile. 

Sedona is Magical: Exploring Boynton Canyon Trail.

Vista Trail

We started out on the Boynton Canyon Trail and about ½ mile in we saw a group of white-tailed deer. After watching the deer we decided to turn around and go back to the trail sign at the beginning. At the sign, we then headed toward the vortex on the Vista Trail. This is an easy family-friendly trail and you can also bring your leashed dog. There are some rock cairns that mark the trail. 

Sedona is Magical: Straight ahead to Vista Trail.

Magical Music

As we got closer to the vortex we heard flute music. At the top of the rock formation known as the Kachina was a man sitting playing his flute. The music definitely added to the ambiance. This man tries to come out to the vortex twice a day to play his flute, pass out rock hearts and share his worldly wisdom. He gave a lot of great advice, but my favorite thing he said was, “you have to let all your hurts go and receive the peace from Mother Earth.” Very sage advice. It was the end of the day and he was out of heart rocks, but we enjoyed listening to his music and words. 

The magical flute music was coming from on top of the rock formation known as the Kachina.

Soaking in the Magic

We didn’t climb to the top of the Kachina because it involves some rock scrambling and we weren’t feeling that brave. Instead, we climbed around the base and found a place to sit on the red rocks. I remembered reading an article about Earth Grounding and how it’s good for you to take your shoes off in nature, so Kiana and I took off our shoes and ground our feet on the red rocks. I’m not sure if it was the stunning views, the wise words of wisdom from the flute player, or the magical energy from the vortex but I felt emotional.

Grounding ourselves in our socks.

The Masculine Energy of the Knoll

As much as we loved our spot sitting at the base of the Kachina we got really cold because it was in the shade. We put our shoes on and walked across a small saddle to sit at the base of the knoll. There was a woman sitting on the saddle playing her guitar and singing. Sitting there in the sun on the red rocks, listening to the music and soaking in the view I felt the energy moving up my legs. As skeptical as I am, I was shocked. Kiana felt tingly in her calves. Not only did I feel something magical I also felt emotionally drained as I had just cried everything out. Possibly I was following the flute player’s advice and letting it all go! On the other hand, Tanya felt energized and happy. She was smiling from ear to ear.

All smiles after experiencing the Boynton Vortex.

We Were Sad to Leave Sedona

We spent way longer at the Vortex than we had planned. None of us wanted to leave. We finally decided to walk back to the car as the sun was starting to set. I can’t wait for our next trip to Sedona. There are 3 more vortexes for us to explore and miles and miles of wide-open beautiful trails to hike.

Sedona is Magical: The magical hour at Boynton Canyon Vortex.

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